Sunday, April 17, 2005

Our Mestizo Cat Oreo

We adopted an inside cat seven years ago to fight off rodents as we began to rehab a 100 year old house here in La Villita. I have never seen myself as a 'cat guy'. But, if we had to get a cat, it is cool that we have a female one named Oreo, who is a complete mix of black and white.

But although her color is only two-toned, she is also part Mexican, as her full adoption into our family became final when I reluctantly included her in a recent family photo we had taken. I guess she is now a part of the Castellanos clan.

While I did not have to make a point of including Oreo into our family in a public fashion, it is kind of freeing to 'go public' with this news. Part of growing in our mestizo consciousness is to grow more bold with our declarations and confessions about our changing attitudes towards cats, and others who are different than ourselves.

And like Oreo, no matter what color or colors we are, we can all be adopted into God's mestizo family.


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