Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Teaching a Leadership Class at La Casa Del Carpintero

Tonight, I will be with my good friend and partner in crime, Isaiah Mercado, who started a new bilingual church in Humbolt Park 2 years ago. I tell him all the time that he was crazy to 'jump in' and plant a church without the backing of any denomination or other organization. I guess he figured the Lord's backing was enough!

Isaias is a tremendous leader with a huge heart (that is not afraid to be real) who is going to continue to have a big impact on the urban church world.
  • He is a key leader with the Latino Leadership Foundation
  • He is an instructor for the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative
  • He has a CD out and can sing!
  • He has a great family
  • He loves the barrio, and lives right in the heart of the hood
  • He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother

I encourage you to check out his website:

Pray that I don't totally bomb tonight with his leaders.


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