Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day at LCC

I had the opportunity to teach at the 2 Lawndale Community Church services on Father's Day. It was a great time, especially seeing how many young families are a part of LLC after years of ministry by Wayne Gordon and others. Also, having the men from the Hope House men's ministry were present: 30-40 men recovering from some kind of brokenness or addiction that are in their program sit in the front rows for both services!

I am so encouraged by the way LLC accept and support me as a mestizo brother, and it's so easy to teach in that setting.

Later that day my daughter Anna gave me the most amazing card. It basically said that I really didn't a Father's day, because in her estimation, I was special to her every day. Wow, that was something for an old dad to read. I guess that is the kind of feeling we ought to experience in church on a regular basis- us expressing to our heavenly Father how much we love and honor Him every day.


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