Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mestizo Leaders Must Learn to be REAL with One Another

Everyday some of our best and brightest leaders fall and fail in such a way that devastate our churches and communities. The more I am around young and old leader alike, I realize how desperately we need each other to help keep us in the game of authentic discipleship and transformational leadership. I would say we need to be in groups where we can be REAL:

Remove Masks
Enlist the help of others
Attend to our own growth
Let others hold us accountable

If we are going to lead the church into our Mestizo future, we must get REAL with one another before another one of our own bites the dust!


At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am reminded of a film called Ricarodo, Miriam, y Fidel - its by Christian Frei. One of the themes in the film is censorship. It looks at how Castro censored opposition in Cuba. But it also shows how the main character who moves to Miami from Cuba, censors herself around her cuban family in Miami because she knows that she feels differently than they do. So, Noel or anyone else out there....another Christian leader has recently had a bit of a falling. I was hoping you could say more about how we can be real and encourage others to be real when we sensor ourselves in so many ways and we don't want to offend...and others do not want to offend us.


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