Sunday, September 18, 2005

Missing In Action

It has been so long since I have posted anything, someone asked me if I went AWOL. I'm not sure what happened to me since my summer vacation, but I felt very little motivation or time to blog.

Not that there has not been so much going on related to mestizaje. With Katrina and all, it seems we are at a crossroads time as a nation regarding poverty, racism, and classism.

Lots has gone on in my family, as my 18 year old is set up in Boston working with City Year. He will be serving at a local school in Roxbury.
Since the summer, I've been back to Pasadena to do a one day training at Harambee with Rudy, have been busy setting up CCDA Institute classes in New Jersey, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, and getting ready for the 8 classes we are offering before the CCDA national conference in Indianapolis on November 16th. Finally, I just returned from a few days in Washington DC at a meeting hosted by the Acton Institute, a think tank on religion and the free market/capitalism.

If you want more info check out Rudy Carrasco, Liz Rios, Jeremy Del Rio, and Abner Ramos for their thoughts and reaction.


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