Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Caleb Rosado Comes to La Villita

Caleb Rosado, who is a professor and big shot at the Campolo School for Social Change is staying with our family tonight. He's in town for a meeting that CCDA is hosting tomorrow for seminaries and colleges interested in partnering with us on educational initiatives.

Calab has been around CCDA for a long time, but we are just recently becoming real amigos/hermanos! He's a smart dude-- Dr. Caleb Rosado. I look forward to hanging out, eating a hibarito sandwich later tonight, and listening for words of wisdom I can absorb from my brother.

Because Caleb is a more seasoned Latino leader and scholar (and husband and parent) I count it a privileged to be able to host him at our home. It is the least I could do after receiving his hospitality when I was in Philly a few months back!


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