Friday, April 22, 2005

Creating a New Millennium Mestizo Church

Check out this learning exercise we did with the students in our reconciliation class in Philly:

You and a team of very capable friends and fellow believers (some from seminary and others that live in the city) are getting very excited about the possibility of planting a new church in the city limits of Chicago. You have generous funding, a great prayer team, great Bible teachers, musicians, and a list of potential team members you all have been compiling that may be interested in helping to start this church.

As you pray and research, you find that there are many needy neighborhoods, with thousands of unchurched men and women. It is coming time to decide in which part of town to focus your efforts, as you consider the following options:
Near North- This is a very trendy part of town with cool housing, restaurants, and many young singles (mostly Anglo) and very close to Lake Michigan
North West- This community was a majority Latino community, but is now experiencing gentrification, with many middle class young professional moving in
South West- This is made up of mostly African American and Mexican residents, also experiencing urban renewal, and there are poor and middle-class residents
South- This part of the city is almost predominately African-American, with with many historical neighborhoods
Loop- This is a very high rent district and close or in downtown. There is very little cultural diversity to be found living here
Near West- This is one of the fastest growing segments of the city, it sits in the shadows of the Sears Tower, and is surrounded by ethnic neighborhoods that are being gentrified

Remember, you are committed to establishing a ‘New Millennium Mestizo Church’ that is culturally diverse, and is inclusive of people with various educational and economic backgrounds.

What will you have to do to make this new kind of church a reality? Consider the following factors and create a plan with others in your group for developing this exciting, cutting edge church:
□ Location
□ Make up of team members
□ Ministry Priorities
□ Staffing
□ Music & worship styles
□ Language considerations
□ Facility
□ Budgeting
□ Relationship building / small group make up
□ Leadership
□ Teaching Styles
□ Community Outreach Strategy
□ Vision & Mission of the Church

Maybe this is an exercise you could do with a church leadership team, or with your small group. Is this kind of church even possible?


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