Friday, May 06, 2005

Latino parents often lack college-entry savvy

Reading this article about the challenges Latino parents face helping their kids pursue a college education really hit home as we are smack in the middle of the process with our son, Noel Luis. With all of the advantages that our family has, educationally and all, it is still a very taxing process for us, and filled with ups and downs. I can only imagine how discouraging/frustrating this process can be for non-English speaking parents.

We are also finding out from personal experience, that while being a graduating Latino with good grades can be an advantage at certain institutions (ASU is one example that give a full scholarship to National Hispanic Scholars), many schools are flooded with thousands of great students, and not all Latino or African-American get in.

My son was denied admission at three very well respected institutions, that we knew would be a stretch to get in, and he had very good marks and test scores. If that means that even more qualified mestizo youth are getting in, then in the midst of my disappointment, I am extremely happy for these kids and their families.

Supporting Latino families as they maneuver the college seach and application process would be a fantastic way to demonstrate real love and care towards a family in our community.


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At 9:38 AM, Blogger Scott said...

We have faced the same challenge with the youth from our church - from helping them to manuever the application process of application & financial aid. It gets even more complicated for qualified kids that are undocumented...

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