Thursday, May 26, 2005

A New Generation of Mestizo Leaders Seeking Justica Para Todos

I am convinced that God is up to something as a newgen of believers seek to become instruments of justice in our world. In order to be champions of justice around the world, we must start by being authentic champions for justice in our own land.

I am praying to God, that He would continue to raise up a huge cohort of young men and women across the nation who will aggressively and passionately (for Christ and justice) engage to give witness to the presence of God's Kingdom here on earth. One very practical way to begin is to stand on the side of our undocumented young neighbors by pushing for new immigration policies like the DREAM Act, that will open amazing opportunities for youth and their families, but also for the church, as we demonstrate real and concrete compassion for our marginalized neighbors.

Last night I wrote a letter to Senator Richard Durbin (D) from Illinois telling him about the meeting we had in LA with Christian young people eager to engage in this process. Please consider how you can get involved as well, and be watching for a new website that we will have up and running soon to help fuel this movement: www.westillhave

While the DREAM act and the immigration issue is one tangible justice issue that needs to be addressed by people of faith, it is only the beginning of seeking 'Justicia Para Todos' (Justice for All).


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