Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Night Out on the Town

Tonight, Marianne and I spent a great evening with Ann and Wayne Gordon from Lawndale Community Church. We ate dinner at cool little restaurant called the May Street Cafe, on the Corner of May and Cermack. Mario, the owner and chef used to cook for Frontera Grill of Rick Bayless fame, and opened his own place here in Pilsen. It is a mix of every kind of gourmet Latino cuisine you can imagine. It was a fantastic dinner: Chayote and maiz soup with shrimp, chipotle and cheese quesadillas, diablo shrimp pasta, portabello mushroom with dandelion and spinach, and an awesome porkchop served on pineapple and black beans, along with tostones to get the meal started. It was amazing!

After dinner we went to a Blues Club called, Rosa's. Tony the owner and his Italian mom were both there taking care of us. One of the Gordon's leaders is the doorman (or bouncer as Wayne called him) and he really gave us the VIP treatment. The guitar player and his band were great; he even played a Santana song cuz I mentioned to our friend that I liked his music--great time. I can't believe we stayed out 'till almost midnight.

Chicago really has some great places.


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