Thursday, November 02, 2006

CCDA Philly Slideshows

The following slideshows were produced for CCDA’s Friday and Saturday morning general sessions.

Part 1
Photos from the first two days of CCDA, including Mayor John Street, John Perkins, Tony Campolo, Dr. Wayne Gordon, Dr. Alyn Waller, Noel Castellanos, Rev. Herbert Lusk, II, workshops, candids, and more; music by Fred Hammond, Casting Crowns, and Bethany.

Photos by Jeremy Del Rio.

Part 2
Pictures include John Perkins, Noel Castellanos, Dr. Wayne Gordon, Ms. Marian Wright Edelman, Dr. Louis Carlo, Spencer Perkins Fellows, general session presenters, workshops, and candids, with music by Jason Upton, U2, and Isaac Houghton.

Photos by Jeremy Del Rio

Feel free to post the slideshows on your website/blogs, but kindly include appropriate photo credit to and a link back to CCDA.


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