Saturday, May 20, 2006

Jewish - Mexican Mestizaje

One of the perks of being at the UYWI national event at Azusa this week is getting to hang out with amazing urban pioneers like John Perkins and Ray Bakke.

At breakfast this morning, I was talking to Dr. Bakke and he expressed his excitement that I was entering the Bakke Graduate University D. Min program beginning next month. He then began to share some of this church history discoveries in Mexico and Latin America.

An amazing revelation was the Jewish migration with Cortez the Spaniard, to Mexico. To complicate the Spanish/indigenous mestizaje of Mexico, is the Jewish/Spanish reality. Ray mentioned that he learned from Samuel Escobar that Mexican last names ending in 'es', 'ez' and 'za' were all names taken to identify their Jewish heritage.

Could it be that as mestizos, we need to discover their Jewish roots?


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