Sunday, May 22, 2005

Armando from Honduras

One of the most amazing leaders I met in the DR was pastor Armando. He is in his 50's and at first sight, seemed like a very mild mannered brother. It turn out that he has a fantastic ministry in Honduras with street kids and gang members (which is a huge problem in Latin America). He shared how in order to get to know the guys, he would hang out with them on their turf. On one occasion, the boys were smoking marijuana the entire time he was hanging out talking to them. As he staggered home, he was so high from the second hand dope, that when he finally arrived at his front door, he collapsed at the feet of his wife. Because he had battled heart problems, she was certain he had had a heart attack. It was not until the doctor came out of the emergency room from treating him, that his wife (and many of his church leaders) got the news that in fact he was high on drugs.

Because of his health problems and this incident, Armando was discouraged from continuing his work with these gang youths. Instead, he became even more convinced that God was calling him to establish a ministry focused on these kids that the traditional church was not reaching.

Today, Armando and his team minister to hundreds of kids all over Honduras providing shelter, mentors, education, and spiritual direction. It is a great reminder to me that God's ways are not our ways. There is no 'typical or prototype' servant in the Kingdom. God chooses people who seem unqualified to do His most amazing work--knowing that He will get the glory.


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