Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mestizo Politics in Los Angeles

I am in LA for the CCDA Institute and the UYWI that will take place at Azusa Pacific University beginning later today. The big news is the election of a new Mexican-American Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa in Los Angeles. Check out what the USA Today had to say about the huge support he is receiving from immigrants. "Many new immigrants-- Koreans, Pacific Islanders, Filipinos, Armenian, Iranians, Russians--embrace Hispanic politicians because they sense fresh openness to their own struggles..."

This new Mestizo politics is desperately needed, not just in LA, but throughout the nation. In the news at this very hour, is also deep racial strife between African-American and Latino youth throughout the LA area. Welcome to office Mayor Villaraigosa!

We'll all be watching with great eagerness what goes on in LA as it represents seismic changes in the politics of the day.


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