Monday, May 01, 2006

The Central Role of Faith

The New American Pioneers

There were thousands of American flags demonstrating immigrant's realization that while they love their country of origin, that they also love the USA, and desire an opportunity to come out of the shadows.

It is important to note that thousands of US citizens like myself came out to march and support our undocumented immigrant neighbors.

400,000 at Chicago's 'Day Without An Immigrant' March

A group of young people from La Villita join Noel at today's May 1st March here in Chicago.

One of the most impacting sign's I saw was one that said, "The giant wasn't sleeping, he was working!"

Well, it seems like thousands of these hard working men and women made their way to today's rally. It was undescribable to see masses of people making the 3 mile walk from Union Park on the Westside to Grant Park downtown.

Men, women, and children draped in Mexican, American, Polish and other flags marched side by side, carrying signs and lifting their voices with chants of, Si, Se Puede (Yes, we can), and USA!

During my hours downtown, I spoke to Juan Hernandez in Dallas, Gil Contreras in Miami, Luis Villareal in Denver, Andy Bales in Los Angeles, and to others who also took to the streets.

The question is, what impact will today's march / demonstrations have on the reform process?

Finally, there we numerous Christian and church groups out marching, which was encouraging, although I did not see many Chicago pastors in the crowd.

More to come...