Saturday, November 12, 2005

Join Me in Miami in January 2006

Friday, November 11, 2005

A Large Contingency of Latino Leaders will Attend CCDA

Look for a larger representation of Latinos at the 2005 CCDA conference in Indianapolis this year.

New Book by Dr. Robert Lupton

The CCDA Institute just published our first book, written for us by Bob Lupton, President of FCS Urban Ministries in Atlanta, GA. Bob and his late wife Peggy have done amazing work transforming neglected neighborhoods in inner-city Atlanta into thriving communities. Read about the philosophy of CCDA in this new publication entitled, So you call yourself a Christian: Towards a responsible Charity.

The only place to get this book is through CCDA. Let me know if you are interested in a copy.

Mantenemos El SueƱo

Abraham Suarez, a great young man from Arizona did a workshop on immigration reform at the Phoenix RELOAD event a couple of weeks ago.

It is absolutely necessary that Mestizo young people be involved in bringing about change.

Walter Payton HS one of the Best

Our family has been very blessed to have our boys attend Walter Payton College Prep; a public school in Chicago that is rated #2 in academics in the entire state for public HS schools.
Unfortunately, not every kid has the same kind of opportunity, especially not Mestizo children. There is no greater mission field in the USA than our inner city neighborhood schools. As we pray for the 'Shalom' of our cities, let us not forget to pray for the teachers
who have such a huge impact on kid's lives.
Just a few weeks ago, I was in Seattle and had the opportunity of staying the
night with my fifth grade teacher and her husband.
When I was a young kid, she loved me,
encouraged me, and instilled a belief in me
that I could be somebody.
Thanks Mrs. Risse (Mary Jo)
for impacting my life forever!

By Any Means Necessary?

Do the riots in France make you a bit concerned that marginalized young people in the USA might react in a similar way if we do not begin to invest in their future?

I love this image of this young girl on Palm Sunday. As a Mestizo, my heart is drawn to the strong symbolism of my early religious upbringing.

The CCDA Conference in Indianapolis Just Days Away

Next week, I will be at the CCDA conference in Indy for the entire week. It should be a great time, with over 1500 people already registered to attend. There is still room to sign up for one of the 7 Institute classes that we will offer on Wednesday the 16th, from 9am-5pm. More info about the conference can be found at

Turning 46

I just celebrated my 46th birthday on the 9th. I doesn't seem possible that I'm past the mid point of my life (If the Lord wills). Lot's to contemplate. Lots to think and pray about. I'm grateful for my wife and kids. I'm grateful for so many good friends. I'm grateful for the opportunity to fullfil my life's calling to serve Christ in so many exciting ways. I look forward to the new adventures my next year will bring.